Sunday, 21 May 2017

Husbands Birthday and other things.

Hi everyone hope this finds everyone well been away for awhile thought it was about time I posted something new. So here is my hubbys birthday card. He was 66 in April.

The second card here was a quickie for my granddaughters boyfriend Brock think he was 20 in April too, a mad soccor fan. Finally here is the card I made for my granddaughter Kaylee it was for her 20th  Birthday in March. She is crazy about cats, and they have 3 cats and 3 dogs at home, 4 when my other granddaughter Sara is at home any how here is her card.....

Reason I have not been on here I was teaching myself how to embroider I do not mean cross stitch but to me what is proper embroidery. My daughter does beautiful cross stitch and has won prizes for it. I just thought small embroideries could make some very special cards. Have completed a couple will post next time warm hugs Marie xx


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